saint violet paper


Send letters and notes on one-of-a-kind, hand-marbled stationery sets. Recipients will receive a work of art along with your heartfelt words.


Hand-embossed in glowing metallics, these cards wrap your message in elegance and sparkle.


Custom watercolor postcard sets feature your choice of design and personalized monograms. Original watercolor paintings are for sale from time to time.



Everything at Saint Violet Paper is made individually, by hand. This process demands time, attention, and patience. The resulting products are, therefore, each a unique work of art. 

We believe that the functional can also be beautiful. 

Generosity and service are two core values we try to uphold personally and professionally. In service to those in need across our country, SVP will donate 10% of profits to charitable organizations working to better our world. As you check out, you will be asked to choose from a list of outstanding organizations. 10% of the profits from your purchase will then be donated to your chosen group. 

"We rise by lifting others."